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    July 13th, 2012 U.S. Cooler

    beer cave in convenience storeRegardless if you are remodeling or building new stores, why not increase the use of your space and install a beer cave for your alcoholic beverages? Beer caves have grown to be very popular in the convenience store industry offering a bright inviting room for customers to browse their selection. Beer caves can come in any shape or size. They are all custom designed to fit your plans. Consider the advantages the beer cave can provide for you and your customers.

    inside a beercave

    Beer Caves allow you to have much more merchandise readily available to consumers.

    Bright lights, glass doors and windows can make an old drab corner turn into an inviting alcoholic beverage oasis. It is proven that bright lights and colorful graphics grab people’s attention attracting more customers to the product. Customers like to see all their choices right in front of them. The beer cave consolidates all beer and alcoholic beverages in one area so it is easy for people to find what they are looking for, grab and go.

    brew cave

    Since the majority of beer sold in convenience stores is cold, why not put your beer stock in the cave (eliminating time spent on restocking)? Instead of shoving cases of beer on the shelves that only fit a few cases, have your inventory stocked together so you will always know when you are running low.

    Wouldn’t you like to be known as having the “coldest beer in town”? Customers enjoy being able to walk-in, feel the cold air and know their beer will be cold and refreshing.

    U.S. Cooler can provide for all of your walk-in needs in your convenience store. A beer cave can give you the opportunity to increase sales and produce a creative, inviting destination for your customers. To get a quote on a beer cave call U.S. Cooler at 800-521-2665.

    Have ideas to outfit a beer cave? Share your idea here.

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    12 responses to “Beer Caves – The Perfect Beverage Refrigerator”

    1. Hi,

      I am a beer and wine store owner here in Salisbury, Maryland. I am interested in putting in a beer cave in my store. I am wondering is there anyone in Maryland you can get out to see the place and give me a estimate.

      Please reply back via e-mail.


    2. hi ,

      i am a convenient & gas station owner in mongaup valley , ny . n i m interested in putting in beer cave .. so can someone plz give me a call n tell me how it works n if someone can come here to give us n estimate we might get it done in 2 locations we have ..
      thank you

    3. Thanks Danny, we will have a salesperson contact you.

    4. Can someone please call me in regards to beer cave estimate?

    5. I own a discount tobacco store in mississippi. I would like to install a beer cave, but my space is limited. Is it possible to install a cave in a 9×12 corner?. Please email with any information you might have on specs and pricing. Thanks in advance. Ken

    6. Boniface,
      Please leave your number in a comment and we will have a salesperson contact you. You can also contact U.S. Cooler at 800-521-2665 to get an estimate.

    7. Terry Taylor

      Am located in Arkansas and need more information on beer caves (sizes, cost, and installation info) Need one for beer sales in a specialty tobacco store.

    8. Hi
      Looking to find someone to do the graphics for the outside of the beer cave and walk in cooler.

    9. Interested in a 12×28 Beer cave. Please call me at [number removed] to give you details for a quote.

      Thank you,

      Bill Seydel

    10. i would like to know how much cost is for built up walk way cooler for liquor store of 1600 sq.ft total area of store .

    11. How thick are the walls on these? Would it be possible to put holes through and mount taps on the outside?

      I want to dispense straight from the kegs to the taps

    12. The walls are 4″ thick. You can drill holes and mount additional taps.

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