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    July 26th, 2012 U.S. Cooler

    When buying refrigeration units for walk-in coolers & freezers, it’s very important that your refrigeration is sized correctly for your box and application. Incorrectly sized refrigeration can result in problems such as the refrigeration unit constantly running and eventually freezing up.

    To help you get the right size refrigeration unit, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration has put together a Quick BTUH Load Calculation Chart. It can be used for walk-ins rooms from 6’ X 6’ X 8’ to 40’ X 40’ X 8’ and with holding temperatures of -20°F, -10°, 0°, 30° and 35°. Loads are calculated based on boxes utilizing 4” of urethane R-25 insulation.

    heatcraft refrigeration chart

    Click here to view the Refrigeration Sizing Chart

    Before using these charts, get this information about your walk-in job:

    1. Room information:

    •Length, width, and height of the box in feet

    •Temperature of the refrigerated room (°F)

    •Relative humidity in the refrigerated room (if specified)

    •Summertime design ambient temperature (°F). This is usually the temperature expected at the location of an air cooled condensing unit which cools the room

    2. Insulation information:

    •Type of insulation, insulation thickness (inches), and external temperatures on walls, ceiling, and floor.

    3. Infiltration load information:

    •The temperature (°F) of the entering air and the relative humidity of the entering air. Also, an estimate of the door usage – average, heavy, etc.

    •Does the box have glass doors? Dock doors? How many?

    4. Product load information:

    •What is the product or product mix?

    •How many pounds of product entering at what temperature?

    •How long (hours) does it take to load the product into room?

    •How quickly (hours) should the room pull the product down to what temperature?

    •How many pounds of fruit and vegetables are in the room? (respiration load)

    5. Miscellaneous loads information:

    •How many people work in the room?

    •What is the lighting (watts)?

    •How many motors (HP) do work in the room?


    If you’re looking for general refrigeration sizing information or have a walk-in box using extruded polystyrene, try our Refrigeration Sizing Calculator *

    *All refrigeration sizes are estimates and may not accurately represent specific applications. By using this calculator you are agreeing that in no event, shall U.S. Cooler be liable for special or consequential damages in connection with the use or output of the U.S. Cooler refrigeration sizing software. For detailed sizing and pricing, call U.S. Cooler at 800.521.2665.

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